Coming back

(for Watan)

May God forgive us she says
as we will forgive him I say

And it goes on and on
til men die as men die

I know nothing but love
is not here to save us

For the son and the father
are killed behind a wall
forever live on a TV screen

The lake the mountain the trees
the rocks the stones the rubble
the blood the bones the bombs

What is the name of shame
in the language of your soul

I can not say the truth
but maybe yes and no

Father the sun is good and cruel
for its light is a gift that burns

Nobody else will come along
walking on the drying lake

Hope is what remains in remains

Once the soldiers left the trench
we heard thunder without thunder

Refugees tents beyond a fence
grew there before the mine field

And lost we were you again

And lost we were you again

When in the morning we found out
your mother died during the night

Milk is the word that came
onto the tongue in my mouth

Drop by drop we lose our time
counting the lives taken for nothing

Beyond sorrow and stones
it’s time to enjoy the night

I will come back tomorrow
as a stranger on my land

July 2018